Be part of Bike Month photos

Saw this on the new face book group, Bike the Bronx.

May is Bike Month and there is a call for cyclists to be photographed for the upcoming 2011 ad campaign.



Looking for real NYC bikers and cycling enthusiasts to be photographed in a city wide print campaign.


Midtown Professionals
– 2 men, ages 20-40, Caucasian, African American
– 2 women, ages 20-40, Caucasian, Asian

Construction Worker
– 1 man, ages 40’s, Caucasian, Hispanic

Fashionable Ladies
– 2-3 women, ages 20-30’s, Caucasian, African American, Asian, Hispanic

Sports/Athletic Guys
– 3-4 men, ages 30-50’s, Hispanic, African American, Caucasian, Asian

Local Brunch-Goers
– 3-5 women, ages 40-60’s, African American, Caucasian

– Mom and/or Dad, ages 30’s+, Asian, Hispanic
– 2 Kids, ages 8-11, Asian, Hispanic
– Grandfather or Grandmother, ages 60’s+, Asian, Hispanic

*All participants must have bike and helmet for the shoot.

CLIENT: NYC Department of Transportation and Transportation Alternatives

SHOOT DATE: 1/2 day either February 26th or 27th (weekend)

SHOOT LOCATION: Neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens

RATE: All volunteer, no financial compensation.

USAGE: Ads to appear in subways, bus shelters, and phone kiosks, bike month calendar events and internet. All usage is strictly to promote cycling in New York City only.

WHY: It’s a public service announcement campaign to raise awareness of cycling as a means of transport for commuters by demonstrating that it is fun, safe and easier than ever. Please see last years campaign at:

RESPOND: We are accepting photo submissions now. Respond to this ad and attach a photo of yourself, best if it’s you with your bike and helmet. We will release casting time and location after we receive your submission.

2 comments to Be part of Bike Month photos

  • Visitor

    I find these “casting call” requirements troubling. For example, what would you do if a 45-year-old African American Midtown Professional showed up?

    Does not sound like a group I’d want to support.

  • Sara

    I love the “Live Here / Bike Here” campaign. As a woman who commutes by bike and races for leisure, I’m disappointed that the casting call doesn’t include even one female rider in “sports/athletic.”