Crackdown news roundup

The latest news on the current direction the NYPD and certain city officials are taking towards cyclists is rather endless. I’m striving to make bikeblognyc an archive so I’m compiling news articles into more of a news feed. Here are the latest developments. Not all of this “crackdown news” is negative to cycling…their are some victories in here.

–According to the Wall Street Journal, crime in central park rose 40% in 2010. Why are we focusing the NYPD efforts on ticketing cyclists?


The City Council unanimously voted to pass a package of traffic bills yesterday that finally requires the city to collect data on cyclist and pedestrian accidents.

Read more at Gothamist.

–Article from NY Magazine on how Senator Chuck Schumer and his wife, former DOT commish Iris Weinshall, are out to get the Prospect Park West bike lane.

Read more at Nymag.

–Colin Beaver, the man behind No Impact Man wrote an op-ed on the need for the Prospect Park West bike lane.

Read more at NY Daily News.

–Perhaps a compromise? The NY Post report: “Opponents of a controversial bike lane along Prospect Park West are offering a one-way compromise, suggesting the two-lane path be chopped in half.”

Read more: NY Post.

4 comments to Crackdown news roundup

  • shainfu

    good for you. dig what your doin.

  • Adam

    Hey with this crackdown in CP I thought maybe a peaceful protest might be in order. I was thinking along the lines of trying to get as many people as possible to take their indoor trainers and set them up in the park at all the lights to show the futility of having to stop at them during non-traffic hours. Just a thought but wanted to throw it out there and see what others thought about it

  • Michael Green

    Thanks for the comment, are you a NYC biker?

  • Michael Green

    Sounds like a good idea, although it may be hard to get trainers to the park. Time’s Up used to host traffic calming rides in an effort to get cars out of the park. Maybe it would be good just to organize a big ride.