Cyclists in Central Park get organized

Cyclists organize to fight the ticketing in Central Park. They’ve come up with a plan to change the traffic lights to blinking yellow as to not interrupt the flow of one of the most heavily utilized cycling loops in the city.

Upper East Side Cyclist Fights Central Park Ticket Blitz on Facebook
February 23, 2011 4:06pm
By Amy Zimmer
DNAinfo News Editor

MANHATTAN — The ticketing blitz of cyclists in Central Park got Upper East Side triathlete Adrian Bijanada in gear to use Facebook to gather like-minded two-wheelers. They are calling for changes in how the park’s traffic lights are programmed.

His Concerned Cyclists of Central Park group, launched this week — accumulating more than 250 supporters already — is calling for the traffic lights in the 843 acre park to be set to “blinking yellow” during off-peak hours. Traffic in the park has been a major issue, with 35 million visitors each year at war for space on the asphalt.

That would have prevented Bijanada and a friend from getting a $270 ticket three weeks ago on a Saturday around 8 a.m. when they passed a red light at the transverse road at West 72nd Street.

“We did go through the red light,” Bijanada, 31, admitted. “We were being careful as we usually are. Typically, what we do as we approach the lower loop — since we know that’s the most crowded park of the park with tourists renting bikes, roller bladers and pedestrians — we don’t fly though that part.”

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The facebook group has created an online petition which can be accessed here.

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