Earth to Marty…bike lane lawsuit is a waste of time

While a cyclists lies in ICU in Bellevue hospital after a hit-and-run from a motorist, Brooklyn Borough President and his lawyer pals are trying to figure out how to file a lawsuit to remove a community board approved bike lane along Prospect Park West.

Andrea Bernstein, transportation reporter for NPR has this story:

Big Names Ready a Lawsuit to Remove Brooklyn Bike Lane
Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) It’s a who’s who directory of city government. Iris Weinshall, the former city transportation commissioner and wife of U.S. Senator Charles Schumer. A dean at Brooklyn College. Norman Steisel, the former deputy mayor under Edward Koch and David Dinkins. And the other former deputy mayor, Randy Mastro (under Giuliani) who introduced the group to a colleague at his high-powered law firm, Gibson, Dunn, and Crutcher. And what is all this former government firepower being assembled to do? Remove a bike lane on Prospect Park West, in Brooklyn.

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2 comments to Earth to Marty…bike lane lawsuit is a waste of time

  • Shukri Brewer

    I never understood the argument against the bike lane. I’m all for an open debate and discussion for the benefits of all neighbors and commuters, but when the arguments are as silly as “would cause congestion, change the historic character of the avenue, and make pedestrian crossing dangerous and confusing”, then this debate is over, and the bike lane stays.
    What stupid arguments they come up with to argue against it. I dont understand why they would be so invested in opposing this.

  • Paul

    The group name “Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes” is so tricky – it sounds like they would be for bike lanes, not against them.