Leader Frames at 718cyclery

(photo from
Leader USA has been paving the way with track and road frames for a while now. Tight geometry made for urban street riding.
Massan shown here ripping up the streets of San Francisco

Macaframa x Leader Ad from Dan Arel on Vimeo.

Their also in the freestyle fixed gear scene as well:

Mike Dinh Leader Bike Winter Edit 2011 from Mike Dinh on Vimeo.

718 Cyclery in Park Slope BK is now carrying a line of Leader frames, which just may be the perfect pick for your first track bike. Come on, you know you want it.

From their site:
In the endless quest to locate frames that we can sell in the store, we have entered into an agreement with Leader Frames out of San Diego. This gives us access to a very nice aluminum frame (the 725), a great steel track frame (722 TS) as well as a road frame (722 RS). In addition, Leader has a great selection of freestyle frames.

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