NAHBS in Texas this weekend.

The stars at night are not going to be the only thing shinning bright deep in the heart of Texas this weekend. Today starts the Tour Du Jour of handbuilt bicycle drool fest, the NAHBS other wise known as the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show.

This who’s who of the finest in bespoke bicycle making is being held in Austin Texas and this year’s theme is: “From lugged steel to carbon fiber and everything in between.”

Which mean not only will the finest in complete bicycle frame and forks be shown off like this:

(photo found on of Sarah Murder’s Freeman Transport track bike)

but amazing innovations such as this complete carbon fiber wheel from Madfiber wheel’s out of Seattle Wa.

For all the latest form the show, keep a close eye on Prolly, who has relocated himself in Austin. He’ll have a ton of reports and images proving he is one of the hardest working bike bloggers out there.
(photo by will also be out there.)

And of course the fine folks at will be having lots of juicy photos and reportbacks. They are already posting sneak peaks of some of the amazing works of art in Texas.

Also follow along on twitter with the hashtag #NAHBS.

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