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Only in America, with our car culture running so deep to the days of Henry Ford and Robert Mosses would our politicians like Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz bash bike lanes.

Infrastructure that has already been approved by the city council, local community boards, been painted, constructed and reviewed by the DOT.

Here he comes, so professional. Honestly, do we have a Tahrir Square to occupy in Brooklyn to demand this guy step down and waddle his over weight self out of office?

Here is more of Markowitz acting like such a fool from Gothamist:

Markowitz Rides Tricycle Into Speech Bashing DOT, Bike Lane
(photo by: Kathryn Kirk)

Look at this f–king borough president: Last night inveterate corn dog Marty Markowitz arrived on stage via tricycle for his State of the Borough address in Sunset Park. Wearing a green helmet and toting a basketful of Junior’s famously overrated cheesecake, the Brooklyn Borough President kicked off his 90 minute (!) speech with another swipe against the DOT, which he’s repeatedly criticized for installing a bike lane on Prospect Park West. (For the record, President Obama’s State of the UNION lasted about an hour, including glad-handing.) Are you ready to SLAP YOUR KNEE? Video below:

I’ve created a poll, as WNYC’s Brian Lehrer would say, is completely unscientific to find out what people think should happen with Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz.

What should happen with Marty Markowitz,
Forced to resign
not be re-elected as Brooklyn Borough President
Ride a bike
Commended for his actions
Ignored free polls

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  • Kings County

    Marty does a send off / speach at the annual, “Tour de Bklyn”, bike ride. I know I won’t be welcoming him with open arms and I hope he gets boo-ed!