Outlier’s having an “as is sale.”

Handmade clothing company Outlier, maker of fine threads for biking is having a sale:

It’s deep winter here in NYC, but we try to stay ahead of the curve at Outlier HQ. That means it’s time for some spring cleaning, aka the Outlier As Is Sale. Over the past year we’ve accumulated a small collection of random garments, samples, returns, mislabeled items and more. This weekend we’re clearing them out with an As Is Sale at our showroom in Brooklyn. Just to make it juicy we’re splicing in some golden tickets too, random garments out of our collection, priced at very special discounts.

The sale opens on Friday at 1pm. When we open up we’ll be guaranteeing there will be at least one item in every pant and shirt size, so there will be something for everyone. Everything will be $80 even, from the pants to the blazed cotton pivots, to…

Read more details here.

Outlier As Is Sale
Outlier Showroom
364 Leonard St between Withers and Meeker (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Fri, Feb 18 through Mon, Feb 21.
1 – 7pm

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