Rage Rage at Critical Mass in Porto Alegre, Brazil

This may be one of the worst, most tragic acts of road rage I have ever witnessed.

Critical Mass, Porto Alegre, Brazil. 2/25/11

3 comments to Rage Rage at Critical Mass in Porto Alegre, Brazil

  • rich

    oh my!

    I couldnt finish watching it

    i feel so sick

  • Mirza

    I can barely help myself from crying over this. So sad, and it very well could happen in NYC with the police and their new anti-cycling agenda. Thanks NYPD.

  • cr

    “The man tells police the cyclists were beating on his car and threatening him. The cyclists, deny that — and the lead police investigator in the case calls that scenario “fanciful.”

    Again, while we all know that what the driver is claiming is bullshit, there’s the idea that “my car is so important because it a) is important, b) looks good, and/or C) I put a lot of work into it, that I’m entitled to kill innocent people over it.

    It’s a miracle that no one was killed, but if there’s any justice in the world he’ll spend a looooooong time in jail, have the shit sued out of him, and never, ever be allowed to drive again. His face ought to be on the wall of every police station, post office, and grocery store in Brazil.