Revenge of the #bikenyc Nurds

There is a large eclectic group of NYC’s cycling community communicating on Twitter. They have been marking their posts with the hashtag #bikenyc, everything from road condition reports, to group rides and linking related news articles.

@noneck, Lara (@bicyclehabitat) from the bike shop Bicycle Habitat on Lafayette in Manhattan, and I decided it would be a great idea to host a meetup and combine the Tech Nurd community with bike Nurds.
(photo by: Dmitry Gudkov)
Noneck arranged a meeting space at the software development firm Pivotallabs and around 50 tweeters came out to kick ideas around.

More of these meetings are being planned.

Here are two recaps of the event.

Dmitry Gudkov
Last week I attended the inaugural #BikeNYC Tech Meetup, organized by Noel Hidalgo, Lara of Bicycle Habitat, and Michael Green of BikeBlogNYC. The purpose of the meetup was for tech-minded New Yorkers who are also cyclists to meet each other and discuss projects/collaborations to use technology to improve the biking experience in the city. A few of the faces were already familiar to me. Noel, Jonathan, and Scott were previous portrait subjects. A few others I knew from online interactions but had never met in person. Scott has a nice write-up of the proceedings on his CitySpoke blog, so I’ll just share a couple of photos I snapped at the event. The meetup was held at Pivotal Labs near Union Square – a great venue made that much more welcoming by the free beer and snacks.”
(photo by: Dmitry Gudkov)

Read more from Dimitry here.

and from Scott at

For those that don’t know, #bikenyc represents a quickly growing twitter group, tweeting and sharing everything bicycle related in New York City. #bikenyc is a combination of petitioners, community builders, bicycle enthusiasts, commuters, bloggers, and if you hadn’t guessed by my title, tech nurds who ride bikes.

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2 comments to Revenge of the #bikenyc Nurds

  • I’m so bummed out that I missed this! I somehow only found out about it happening from all the tweets DURING the event. Oh well, glad to see the coverage! If there’s ever another event I’m so there.

  • Michael Green

    It’s all a work in progress. There will definitely be more.