Send in the clowns, Marty our borough president

According to Streetsblog’s Ben Fried,
“Earlier this week, friends and family members of traffic violence victims wrote to Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, asking him to stop standing in the way of street improvements to make walking and biking safer. They had lost loved ones and seen lives disrupted by crashes that could have been prevented by better street design. They asked Markowitz to start taking the prevention of traffic injuries and deaths seriously.”

The Borough President disregarded their concerns and chose instead to make a mockery of the city’s bicycle improvements at his recent State of the Borough address.

Here is a video from Team Spider from NY1 this morning.

Really disheartening to see the Brooklyn President ignoring real safety concerns and the steps the city is taking to rectifiy them by continuing his childish out-of-touch grudge against the DOT.

3 comments to Send in the clowns, Marty our borough president

  • d.patrick1a

    This guy is a jerk.

  • tom

    Is that the tricycle that guy was riding on the Belt last month. What ever happened to him?

  • z1ny

    That’s just disappointing. How do you belittle your own constituents and insult a whole voting demographic.
    People need to band together and show the borough president just how large and formidable bicyclists are, and his attitude won’t be tolerated.