the Daily (beast) owned by FOX NEWS

This was a rather funny request.

I do get strange requests from time to time for posting events and bike related products. I guess it’s because I’m so hip and plugged into the pulse of the people, discovering the amazing awesomeness of the bicycle.

So I guess it came as no surprise that a new innovation in news would want me to give them a plug.
I just got sent an email from someone wanting me to alert people about a news service available exclusively for the ipad. It’s called the Daily. Looking a little deeper I discovered the Daily is owned by Rupert Murdoch creator of FOX news and such outstanding investigative reporters such as this guy:

Now, what I can’t figure out is why this guy:

who normally has come up with rather innovative creations like the ipad and can pick from so many news outlets choose to partner up with people like this:

Television news anchors who’s response to people they disagree with is…”SHUT UP!” Seems fair and balanced to me.

Maybe it’s because Apple creator Steve Jobs is out on sick leave and not in a sane mental state. It’s no surprise that Murdoch’s News Corp would want to reinvent themselves and create distance from reactionaries like Beck and O’Reilly. This is why they bought the Wall Street Journal and now are coming up with this modern form of news delivery that appeals to the plugged in facebook generation. It’s kind of like when you go into a McDonalds and its design is all chic and they have mood lighting and free wifi, yet its still serves big macs and somehow calls it…food.

But lets not forget that FOX also owns the NY POST which just can’t seem to help itself in bashing bicycles, especially during our troubling “CRACKDOWN” and NYPD PR smear campaign.

Like this latest article that pits cyclists against New York City and calls all bike lanes a joke.

So no thanks theDAILY. (oh wait, I guess I just gave them a plug) Then again, we are a free country and you should choose when and how you get news…but remember…theDaily is the same people who do reporting like this:

Simple things like knowing where Egypt is on a map. Is this the kind of innovative news we can expect on our ipads?

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  • Paul

    If you are worried about promoting a Web site by linking to them, you can use the ‘nofollow’ tag. This way search engines like Google will not give any credit to that Web site for having a link from your blog.

    Great Web site… I wish Philly had a great bike blog like this one.