The latest on the PPW bike lane.

For some strange reason, the bike lane on Prospect Park West in Brooklyn’s family friendly neighborhood is still being debated. Even though, it’s been asked for by the community board since 2007 including pleas for traffic calming and to deal with motorists who constantly break the speed limit. Even though it’s been openly and transparently constructed by the DOT with constant civic input. Even though the DOT has completed a year long study of the usage and presented it’s findings to the community. Still need convincing? Here is a comprehensive video from street films. The video asks local residents what they think of the lane from bikers to motorists:

That’s right, the bike lane works, and there still were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Somehow all of these reasons and public opinion isn’t good enough for some local politicians and residents of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz is doing his part in the opposition mocking safety and poking fun at bicycles.

Instead of working with the process and giving input to the DOT on what specifics they’d like changed, local residents are looking for lawsuits.

They want to sue the DOT for false data as shown here in this blog posting by Transportation reporter Andrea Bernstein.

Meanwhile cyclists and pedestrians continue to be run over, illustrated some tragic irony that safety issues aren’t getting any better.

To make matters worse, the local
papers seem to getting the story wrong and taking the side of the motorists.

Aaron Naperstek, creator of Streetsblog, has been doing an excellent job of pointing out the media’s bias. He’s been encouraging such papers as the NY Daily news to get their facts straight and for angry pro bikers to write the editors.

The opposition against bike lanes would love for the general public to believe their is a powerful “bicycle lobby” influencing the DOT and is against motor vehicles. In reality it’s rich and powerful politicians creating frivolous lawsuits and working favors in order to get their way.

Streetsblog’s Ben Fried writes this story about how Prospect Park West resident Senator Chuck Schumer has been plotting in secret meetings to destroy the PPW bike lane.

Read more here.

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