Walmart, get out.

Time’s Up donned the Paul Revere horses and rang out the cry: “Walmart is coming!”

Yesterday was a rally against the mega corporation who is trying to open a store in NYC.

Time’s Up has photos of their bike ride and rally here. Photos taken by Brennan.

There is also a story in Gothamist.

Anti-Walmart Protesters Vastly Outnumber Pro-Walmart Boosters
By Surekha Ratnatunga February 3, 2011 5:32 PM

There was supposed to be a battle of the protests before this afternoon’s twice-postponed City Council hearing on whether New Yorkers should allow Walmart’s corporate wickedness to taint our saintly city, but it ended up being a one-sided fight.

In the blue corner (quite literally, given how cold it was), so many people turned up at the anti-Walmart protest at City Hall, police had to deny entry to a few dozen people waiting in the security line. (Some of those anti-Walmart protesters who couldn’t get in ended up taking ironic refuge from the cold in a Starbucks instead.) Ben Shephard from the cavalier-looking group Time’s Up summarized his views as, “New York is bigger and smarter and richer and cooler than Walmart.”

In the red corner, Pamela Geller and her pro-Walmart/anti-Mosque minions were hardly noticeable. Police officers and City Council ushers didn’t seem to know who she was, let alone where. On the block outside the hearing there was a grand total of three pro-Walmart protesters (who mistook the Time’s Up guys for Tea Partiers thanks to those fetching tri-corner hats). 33% of Geller’s following expressed fears that, “people with pro-terrorists badges were stopping her from getting inside,” but she managed to overcome those obstacles.

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