4 Horsemen 2 Alleycat

In accordance with BIKE SHORTS.

Saturday, March 5 · 2:00pm – 6:00pm
110th St. & 5th Ave
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Bike Shorts
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This is gonna be a film for Bike Shorts. Show up & be in it!
$5. Winner take all.
Short and very, very fast, through some of the most technical New York City traffic.
Four of the fastest riders are wearing helmetcams, and this footage will be shown at Bike Shorts on March 13th. Try & beat ’em.

2 comments to 4 Horsemen 2 Alleycat

  • Krupp

    Maybe when a pedestrian gets hit by a cyclist the video will help put the cyclist behind bars. I wish these things would happen out in the suburbs where these cyclists belong.

  • Michael Green

    Racers almost never get involved with pedestrians and are generally, highly experienced in riding bikes in NYC traffic. Not nearly as inconvenient to pedestrians as food delivery ridding on the sidewalk and giving us all a bad name. I wish they would obey the law or people would choose to pickup their own food.