Best new bicycle infrastructure? Staten Island of course

They may take away our bike lanes in Brooklyn, but we might get some new bike maintenance shelters. Where? A former giant landfill in the extremely easy borough to bike to (not) Staten Island.

L Magazine has more:
New York’s Best Bike Infrastructure Planned in Staten Island
by Benjamin Sutton on Thu, Mar 10, 2011
Former dump gets fancy bike maintenance shelters.

You can’t put in a bike lane in Brooklyn without causing a borough-wide shouting matches, rivaling op-eds and lawsuits, but in Staten Island’s former dump, future stunning park Freshkills, you can build beautiful solar-powered, lime-green bike maintenance stations and nobody will say a thing.

Architect’s Newspaper’s A/N Blog reports that James Corner Field Operations (designers of the Freshkills masterplan, as well as landscaping on the High Line) have designed the fancy bike maintenance stations and resting areas pictured for the rejuvenated landfill. The galvanized steel forms will feature vending machines for bike maintenance accessories and related equipment (tire pumps, please?) on one side, and benches for cyclists and pedestrians on the other.

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