Bike Shop News Round Up

Here are some news bits from the local bike shops here in NYC:
Will be hosting a pre-party for this year’s Monster Track:

Charlie McCorkell, owner of Bicycle Habitat, (which has a sweet new website btw) will be in Washington at the National Bike Summit which starts today. (March 8th)

Find out more about his fight for national bicycle policy here.
Congratulations to 718Cyclery for winning New York Magazine’s Best of:

Best Custom Bikes

* 718 Cyclery, Inc.
461 Seventh Ave., near. 16th St., Park Slope 347-457-5760

“Unless you happen to be a messenger, city bike shops can be intimidating. Enter 718 Cyclery in all its pretension-free glory. The new South Slope store focuses on what the owner Joe Nocella calls “collaborative builds.” Customers choose from new and vintage frames (from $750), then select clearly priced components by brands like Surly, Nitto, Chris King, and Bike Thomson. “There’s nothing proprietary about what we do,” says Nocella, who invites customers to watch as he assembles their bikes. The shop also offers free weekly classes covering, for example, how to fix a flat or how to build a wheel. Source.
And John Prolly on a recent trip back to NYC, did a great spread on Manhattan’s Continuum Cycles.

If there is one shop that’s shown an immense growth since I’ve been gone, it’s Continuum Cycles. Jeff and Fritz have expanded their small, cramped space into a sprawling bicycle shop. With three storefronts, it’s easily one of the bigger shops in the East Village. The retail space is filled with some of Jeff’s private collection, along with many vintage and modern frames from around the world. Track, road, rando, it doesn’t matter, chances are they’ve got your future frame or bicycle in stock.

See more images here.

and visit his flickr set.

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