Brooklyn makes bikes

There are a lot of very talented bike makers here in the NYC area.

Here are a few articles about two of them.

Lynette Chiang writes the blog:

Back at the end of 2010 she did a story on Seth Rosko (shown left) and Johnny Coast (right) two amazing frame builders who share a shop space in Bushwick Brooklyn.

Read more at here.

Here is a video she shot with the perfect opening quote: “You can never have too many bicycles.”

Then in Saturday’s (3/5/11) New York Times Blog, there is a story about John Henkle and his bike building company, Squarebuilt.

From City Room:

The Hands That Steer Are Building the Bikes
By Sean Patrick Farrell
March 5, 2011, 7:00 pm
(photo by: Raymond McCrea Jones/The New York Times)

Like thousands of other New Yorkers, Jason Henkle throws a leg over a bicycle every day and pedals to work. Unlike most of his fellow riders, Mr. Henkle built his understated single-speed bike by hand.

Mr. Henkle is among a small group of dedicated New York cyclists who have begun building their own bicycle frames. Their hand-constructed cycles are often custom made for a tailored fit and sometimes include personal touches like the small metal pi symbol Mr. Henkle affixes to his machines.

“They’re pi-cycles,” said Mr. Henkle, making the kind of pun befitting his job as a high school math teacher. He keeps two of his bikes in his living room and often spends his evenings and weekends in a tight storage room he has converted into a frame building shop in his apartment building in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

Read more here.

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