Dammit Janette

No surprise, more hate-speak from the NY Post claiming our DOT commissioner might be a crazy nut job for daring to limit motor vehicle traffic. This time the rant is about a 34th Street mass transit corridor.

Janette’s big transitway a road to ruin
Last Updated: 7:45 AM, February 28, 2011

From the East River to the Hudson, New Yorkers are kicking their bicycles, stomping their cats and asking a burning question:
Is Janette Sadik-Khan, the psycho bike lady who helms the city’s Department of Transportation, nuts?
Or maybe Khan, the hater of the internal-combustion engine, is just an incompetent, overpromoted, overzealous bureaucrat who wields power like a chain saw and fits her widely whispered nickname to a T — Janette “Sadist”-Khan.
Either way, we’re screwed.

Find out how were “screwed” here.

For a much more fair and intelligent view on the work of Janette Sadik-Khan and her portrayal in the media,

Here’s brooklynspoke.

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