F*cked in Park Slope-lawsuit time

Looks like the inevitable happened. The motorist class, afraid of the loss of their precious parking and infringement of automobile mobility, rallied their out-dated politicians and shunned real sustainable change and safety. They used their political might and got expensive lawyers to work pro bono and are now suing the D.O.T. in Brooklyn’s Supreme court over a bike lane. Funny, that the local citizens have to work through a system and the D.O.T. to make changes. And they say we have a powerful Bicycle lobby?

Here is a recent article in a local Prospect Park Paper on this recent development.

Lawsuit Filed over Prospect Park West Bike Lane

Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes and Seniors for Safety filed suit this afternoon.
By Kristen V. Brown | March 7, 2011

The Prospect Park West bike lane lawsuit has arrived, inciting a modern-day Battle of Brooklyn on the same grounds that George Washington fought for freedoms of a different kind.

Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes and Seniors for Safety, two groups of residents opposing the two-way, parking-protected bike lane on Prospect Park West have filed suit to have the bike lanes removed, according to court documents filed late this afternoon in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

In the suit, the groups refer to the bike lane as “an experimental bike lane” and claim that the “configuration requires pedestrians to walk across inconsistent traffic patterns with limited visibility.”

Read more in the Park Slope Patch.

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