More on the backlash

The lawsuit filled against the Prospect Park West bike lane has had reverberations all over the world.

The UK reports about NYC’s bike lane situation in the Guardian.

“How one New York bike lane could affect the future of cycling worldwide.
A much more significant story than the future of one bike lane in Brooklyn, a great deal hangs on the lawsuit filed against the city”

Read more here.

Meanwhile, New Yorker’s reporter, John Cassidy, took time out of his busy economics reporter to crap on the bike lanes, with the general theme that we have too many of them and infrastructure like this should go to more important things like driving your Jaguar.

“Rational Irrationality” Find it here.

This seemed to drum up even more response from Adam Sternbergh from the NY Times:
“‘I Was A Teenage Cyclist,’ or How Anti-Bike-Lane Arguments Echo the Tea Party” Read more here.

and Aaron Naparstek wrote a blog piece on how irrational this bike lane debate is getting.

“The New York City Bike Lane Backlash is Completely Irrational”
Read the posting here on

Even the Economist had to pause for second and correct Mr. Cassidy by pointing out that pursuing a motorist agenda is actually bad economics.

“The World is his Parking Spot.” Read here the Economist.

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