One more Monster Track video

This one comes from Boda Boda NYC! Their first alleycat video at NYC’s classic race.

MonsterTrack XII from BODABODANYC on Vimeo.

2 comments to One more Monster Track video

  • Krupp

    It is fitting to put this up after the Memorial Bike Parade. These idiots will be a have a white bike sooner or later. What is cool about this. Maybe for suburban kids this is cool. Great way to make cyclist look stupid.

  • abcdefg

    Awesome. All the whining about the ticket blitz and on the same page glorifying silly videos showing some douches not only breaking every single traffic law but also showing no respect whatsoever to other traffic participants. I am a cyclist myself and can only hope they issue more tickets so these kids are going back to skateboarding and stop giving cycling a bad name.