Part 2 of Brian Lehrer’s segment on the bike lane debate.

Part 2 of the bike lane debate with Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson on Brian Lehrer.

Howard Wolfson…”Bike Lanes are popular in NYC. The vast bulk of the people in this city support bike lanes.” NYC’s deputy mayor directly responds to the litigator Jim Waldon and the anti-bike lane NIMBY’s he represents. He also responds to a really good question from a caller (Mike in Brooklyn) who asks, “Why is the NYPD harassing cyclists.”

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And here is more about Lawyer Jim Walden and why exactly he’s working pro bono on this.

“Boy, I’m sure glad every one of the 3,300 people currently on death row in this country all have great lawyers, much better than former Assistant United States Attorney, and Gibson Dunn partner, Jim Walden!

Because Mr. Walden, Esq, is busily interpreting pro bono to mean representing former DOT Commissioner Iris Weinshall, and former deputy mayor Norman Steisel, er… “Neighbors For Better Bike Lanes”, in their effort to have the Prospect Park West bike lane removed, against the expressed wishes of the vast majority of the community, and the Community Board which has repeatedly voted in support of it.”>

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