PPW bike lane lawsuit news roundup

The big news yesterday was the decision of a small group of neighbors with some big lawyers and powerful politicians backing them, suing over a bike lane on Prospect Park West.

Here is a quick news round up.

“Lawsuit Seeks to Erase Bike Lane in New York City,” New York Times.

“Opponents Sue City Over Prospect Park West Bike Lane” Streetsblog.

“Battle of the Bike Lanes” the New Yorker

“Park Slope Big Shots Sue DOT Over PPW Bike Lane” Gothamist.

followed by a poll of 6 pedestrians who hate the bike lane because cyclists can’t behave, “6 Out of 6 Local Pedestrians Agree: The PPW Bike Lane Stinks” Gothamist.

“Bike Wars-The Evil NBBL Strikes Back” Fucked in Park Slope.

“Prospect Park West bike lanes suit says crashes increased after lanes were installed last year.” NY Post

“The PPW Bike-Lane Lawsuit is a Reality” Brownstoner.

“Landmark Lawsuit Alleges NYC Worked With ‘Radical’ Bike Lane Lobbyists” NY1 News

“Residents File Lawsuit To Remove Bike Lane” Transportation Nation.

Meanwhile in a quick response (thank’s for the advance warning–not that I could have been there.) Pro-Bike Lane enthusiast Councilman Brad Lander, held a press conference at City Hall yesterday to praise the bike lane.

More from Streetsblog:

Brad Lander and Park Slope Residents Rally For Prospect Park West Bike Lane
by Noah Kazis
Tuesday, March 8, 2011

City Council Member Brad Lander and supporters of the Prospect Park West bike lane rallied on the steps of City Hall this afternoon in response to yesterday’s lawsuit, filed by a group of well-connected Park Slope residents who want to rip the lane out.

“A small group of opponents have chosen to bring a baseless lawsuit in an effort to block further safety improvements, to eradicate the lane, to go back to three lanes of traffic on Prospect Park West, the speedway that it was before, and essentially to impose their will on the community through a lawsuit,” said Lander.

Read more here.

Now I’m not a huge fan of telling people what to do, like wear a helmet or even use the bike lanes which we all know as cyclists are as @JohnProlly tweeted: ”
#BIKENYC Bike lanes are: NYPD parking, homeless shopping carts, salmon, scooters, chinatown trash, potholes, tourists, strollers. “

However I do feel it is important to fight for safer streets and defend bicycle infrastructure improvements especially from spoiled brat community members who apparently missed all the meetings to install this bike lane and think they can just drum up a few of their old cronies to try and remove it. Not to mention all the time and money this is going to waste fighting this thing in court.

After all in the end, bike lane or not we cyclists will survive…like the bikesnob recently quoted:

“Sure, once all the bike lanes are gone there are plenty of us who will keep riding anyway. After all, we’ve already spent years as the rats on the subway tracks, dodging and parrying as much larger machines bear down upon us, so it won’t be very difficult for us to revert to our survivalist behavior. No, I just feel bad for the regular people with no particular interest in being lifestyle cyclists or becoming part of the “bike culture” who just want to be able to hop on a bike and get stuff done.” Source.

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