Radio is Revolution

Time’s Up, NYC’s most beloved bike activist group is on the air. Radio is Revolution!

Hosts Keegan and Geoff are commanding the airwaves with a weekly radio show Sunday nights from 10pm-11pm.

The show is streamed at and all shows will be archived here.

From the site:
The Time’s Up! Radio Hour will keep you abreast of Time’s Up!’s current campaigns and introduce you to the volunteers who are spearheading those campaigns, update you on past victories, and inform you of upcoming events and ways you can get involved. Come listen to our radio show, join our bike rides, and volunteer to save the planet!

The show will also be a platform to discuss the latest in bike and environmental issues, locally in NYC and globally.

This Sunday, your’s truly, will be interviewing Streetsblog creator Aaron Naparstek about the recent NYPD crackdown and local politician backlash to bikes and get his perspective on the anti-bike media bias. Is this just about safety or is there more behind this negative political climate?

Tune in to find out.

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