Red Hook Crit tonight!

Don’t forget the Red Hook Criterium is tonight. This is bike racer David August Trimble’s annual birthday celebrations pitting the best of Road, Cross, Track and Street in a closed laps course on the mean streets of Red Hook Brooklyn.

Here is a bit about some of the racers to watch from Cinelli’s Blog True Stories.

There is one big question at Red Hook this year: CAN THE STREETS WIN AGAIN? Such has been the rapid growth in the glamour and prestige of the race that this year the field is filled with some of the country’s strongest athletes from all disciplines of the sport, not just street riders (three monster track champions will be in the field), but also Professional ‘cross, track, road and mountain bike riders. We like good stories too much to wish anything but a huge victory from a rider who learned to race on the street – we’re excited as hell for what is almost certainly the most competitive amateur race of the year.

Here is a list compiled by David Trimble and edited by Lodovico Pignatti-Morano which covers, category by category, the riders to watch next Saturday:


1. Neil Bezdek

Read more here.

There will be a group ride to the event from the Manhattan EMS store, one of this year’s sponsors.

Find out more about the new course announced and this awesome cycling event here.

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