The four horsemen, four camera angles.

Last year bicycle shorts director Ken Stanek tried a unique experiment. He mounted four cameras onto New York City’s fastest horsemen, Alley cat racers and then played back the footage on four separate big screens. Saturday they tried this stunt again.

Here are a few photos by JC Ramirez, of

and here’s a little teaser shot by Victor:

Come see all four videos projected on four screens at the next bike shorts.

March 13th, Bowery Stadium 276 Bowery. 8pm.
$5.00 suggested donation.

Winner of the best film takes home $100.00 cash prize.

2 comments to The four horsemen, four camera angles.

  • melty

    These guys… what can I say? Stupid, dumb, selfish — and bad for cyclists everywhere and especially in NYC. Aren’t they aware that this behavior is what makes New Yorkers _hate_ cyclists and push to restrict/license/take away bike facilities/make life harder for cyclists. You must ride like you drive ( or — since you are more vulnerable — better). Don’t blast through red lights or grab moving vehicles! There’s nothing wrong with power and speed — if it’s attached to a brain somewhere along the line (e.g., gaz545 — see too his Silly Cyclists series on yt).

    — an avid cyclist

  • Krupp

    Bike Sbob took these knuckleheads down a notch today!