Theft reaches new low.

It’s one thing to have your bike stolen, we can argue about proper lock up techniques…but are we supposed to lock the handle bars and headsets too?

Ben Lim writes in with parts stolen from his IRO.
My bike was parked on Park avenue between 17th and 18th street, directly in front of my office.


I walked past the bike around 12:30 on my way to lunch and it was still intact but, around 5pm that afternoon, my friend called me telling me that my handlebars and seat were gone. I went to check it out and sure enough, they were gone. The thief had cut through the cable that I use to secure my seat and taken my Thomson seatpost, Brooks saddle, Thomson stem, and Deda drops (with Cinelli wraps) in broad daylight on a very busy street. Not to mention that the entrance to the W hotel is about 20 feet away where there are always one or two guys standing at the door.


I filed a police report and at one point even thought I had found my components on Craigslist but I’ve come to terms with the fact that the parts are gone for good.


Any knowledge of this theft or if these parts show up on places like craig’s list, contact Ben:

4 comments to Theft reaches new low.

  • cr

    Was the cable used to secure the seat an old bike chain? I’ve always wondered how secure those things are…

  • William Reilly

    I seem to recall a web video from a few years back in which the filmmaker repeatedly hacked open various locks on his bike in broad daylight on the streets of NYC. He got some odd looks from the occasional passerby, but by-and-large everyone just kept walking as he used a hammer, a hammer and chisel, a large snip and I think a circular grinding saw to bust the locks. There was sweat and noise involved in his efforts — he wanted to be noticed — but no one really challenged him. One man even helped. Who says New Yorkers ain’t friendly?

    Seriously, though, if there’s a cash market for second-hand bars then we are all doomed. Best of luck B. Lim.

  • Michael Green

    Here is a link to the Neistat Brothers video: