Triple Rush, Messenger Reality Show comes to Cable

And you thought it couldn’t be done.

Travel Channel has a new show coming out in April featuring three NYC bike messenger companies:

Breakaway, and Mess Kollective.


From the site:
Triple Rush gives you an insider’s look at the chaotic workings of 3 different NYC courier companies as they battle for survival in this intensely competitive industry. We’ll witness the bike messengers’ hair-raising dashes through busy Manhattan streets — speeding between cars, racing through red lights and doing battle with taxicabs — all to earn a few dollars and support their lives in the fast lane. We’ll also meet the dispatchers, who balance the needs of messengers who want non-stop, lucrative runs, customers who want excellent service and owners who want kick-ass couriers who don’t make mistakes.

Big shout outs to stars of the show: Heather Muller (Mess Kollective), Rob Kotch (founder of Breakaway), Janessa (why’d you leave us) “Wild Bill” Dappio, Greg Ugalde (let’s see some art work) Mr. X (Aias, you can’t hide.)

Find out all the other stars: here.

3 comments to Triple Rush, Messenger Reality Show comes to Cable

  • Krupp

    This show looks as dumb as the folks that “star” in it.

    White kids in the Midwest will love this stuff.

  • JT Grant

    Honestly, I am from the bay area and I hope the best on this one. We tried this a few times here and no one would even give it a chance. It could be a good thing.
    My comrades here are set to watch it, and give it our messenger approval as soon as we see an episode or hell two.
    too early to make a call you know.
    JT in the mission.

  • Andre

    Sounds like a good show. …..White kids from the midwest-haha fkn douche