Recap from Last weekend: Sunday PPW rally

Sunday was the “We ride the lanes,” family friendly bike rally to support the Prospect Park Bike Lane. I stopped by with the family and friends and found myself trying to explain to a man with a foreign accent, “Why would anyone be against a bike lane?”

Here is an article from with further explanation:

Hundreds ride to support Brooklyn bike lane.
by Sarah Goodyear
“Well, if supporters of the Prospect Park West bike lane in Brooklyn are a bunch of terrorists (as some bike-lane opponents might have it), they are very effectively disguised as cute little kids and their parents. Streetfilms has the evidence.

Yesterday, hundreds of bike lane supporters showed up to ride the controversial lane, which has become the target of a lawsuit filed by neighbors seeking to have it removed. (Full disclosure: some of the material filed as part of the suit consists of nasty comments from Streetsblog, a website where I used to work.) The lane’s opponents say it is a safety hazard.”

read more here.

Here is a video by Clarence Eckerson Jr of

and an article in Gothamist:

Big Crowd Rides PPW Bike Lane
by: John Del Signore

(photo by: noa.cortes)

On Sunday, an estimated 750 cyclists rode the Prospect Park West bike lane in Park Slope as part of a rally in support of the lane that has prompted a lawsuit against the DOT. (The unabashedly anti-cyclist NY Post craftily reports that “more than 200 cyclists” took part, but organizers say they handed out all 400 “We Ride the Lanes” t-shirts at least 20 minutes before the ride was even scheduled to begin.) Here’s an ultra feel-good video from the ride, courtesy Streetfilms; you may recognize the stock music from every instructional video you’ve been forced to watch in your life.
Read more at here.

There’s also a flickr photo pool with tons of photos of families in attendance.

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