Royal Wedding’s gone critical

Well it look’s like Crown Prince of Bahrain, Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa won’t be attending the royal wedding in London between Prince William and Kate Middleton, even though he was on the guest list.

Obviously too busy killing demonstrators

to be bothered with such frivolous affairs.

Although the wedding will demand lots of attention on Friday, it is also Critical Mass around the world and the anniversay ride of CM London which began in April of 1994.

According to

There is a call for a big turnout for Critical Mass

especially with all the pounds being spent on such a frivolous affair and all the spending cuts around the UK.

Check out more at Critical Mass London.

Here is a long video from last month’s ride in London.

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  • guard to blackqueen

    Peasants (At least that is the view of the monarchy),

    They said it before, “Off with their heads.” Everyone needs to help disrupt the royal family and this fiasco of a wedding in hard economic times. Eventually, removing the royals all together. If you do not want to get radical, you can help by civil interference. If people are protesting, purposely get in the way of the police and help others escape. At least give the royals a verbal thrashing to remember. This is your one chance to show the royal family and the world how you really feel. If the protests are successful and laughable enough, nudity, vandalism, mockery, etc, then the royals will be laughed out eventually. Remember that the police cannot harm peaceful protesters. Simply cross the picket lines in droves and block the roadway. Use food; rotten eggs, tomatoes, paint, etc. This is a glorious time for the revenge of the British people against the monarchy. God Save the Queen. Here here.