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Got a few bikes to look out for:


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My mint condition women’s 2007 21 speed Cannondale Adventure Hybrid was jacked outside of Bierkraft around 5pm yesterday on 5th Avenue at Sacket (Park Slope, Brooklyn) It has a small white bike light, clear plastic bubble horn, clear with blue lettering Tony’s Bike Shop, Milford, CT water bottle, cable lock holder on stem and bike patch kit under rear seat. It’s a silvery gray.

Any leads to creep who swiped it within 10 minutes of me parking it within my site – reward is offered! I had only a cable lock, but was keeping it parked within my sight. The ten minutes it took the bar keep to pour my beer with my back turned was all it took. Everyone on the street swore they saw nothing! Must be pros….

Tina Magnuson
Any info, contact:


My name is Jim Pfeifer and I had my bike stolen on Monday March 28th from my school in Harlem. This sucks. I rode it to school with all intentions of going for a ride after I finished my morning exam. I tried to get the Gothamist to publish the story, but they weren’t interested (I’m not too surprised). Anyway, I’m reaching out to anyone I can to help get my bike back. I’ve included some pics – of the bike and the thief.

Here is what I wrote Gothamist:

Hi John, (Gothamist)

I’ve seen that you post a lot of bicycling related stories on Gothamist and I love it. Unfortunately, my beloved bicycle, a 2010 Focus Cayo which I purchased just before I finished my first semester of medical school was stolen on Monday, the 28th of March. It was stolen from the 3rd floor bike room of school with “security” at both entrances. I have every reason to believe someone on the inside assisted with this crime. I guess I’m naive to think that people should respect one another’s property.

Please feel free to call the 28th Precinct Detective Squad to light a fire under their asses: (212) 678-1608 (Detective Heidi Carnevali) ( – pre-divorce name.

If you want to know my background, I’m 32 year-old Naval Academy grad and was a Naval Flight Officer during the Gulf War 2. I study medicine in Harlem so I can practice family medicine for undeserved communities. Yeah, that sounds kind of sappy when I write it, but I don’t care. Right now, I’m too pissed about my bike being stolen to care about much else. Please help me out in way you can.


Jim Pfeifer

(757) 897-8028 cell

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