Ray LaHood, thinks biking is important

This just in:

US Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, loves bikes:

“Bikers have as much right to the streets as anybody driving a car and I am concerned about [their safety].”

From the Huffington Post:

Ray LaHood ‘Concerned’ About Safety of Urban Bikers, Unsure If He’s A Hipster. By: Sam Stein


Bike Block wall street 5/12/11

This just in:

There will be a special action in Wall Street on Thursday, May 12th, 4:00pm

A call for a huge action and civil disobedience for those who tanked our economy with corporate greed and continue to plunder our environment.

Looking for a bike block.

Stand by for more details.

“who’s street?…”

Mountain biking in NYC

Mountain biking is alive and well in NYC. Check out this article about how volunteers are building trails and making outdoor trail riding a reality.

Volunteers build mountain bike trails Written by Gloria Pazmiño Manhattan Times Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Photo: Volunteers conduct trail maintenance at Highbridge Mountain Bike Park on Fort […]

Outlier, new shirts and dungarees.

Yes, Outlier clothes are expensive, but they are hand made in NYC and built to last.

Here is more about there new stylish active wear for biking or just looking good this spring/summer.

“Our goal at Outlier is to always design future classics, innovative products that we think will be as good in […]

Friday the 13th-Tak and Alleycat

A Japanese man with an enormous mane of dreads down to his ankles can be seen at most messenger events clicking away on his SLR and hanging out with a big smile. That’s non other than Tak Sakamoto who’s been documenting the urban bike scene in Japan and NYC for decades. He’ll be […]