Class Action against NYPD crackdown against cyclists with no class.

The law firms of Oliver & Oliver and Rankin & Taylor, citywide defenders of civil liberties and bicyclists rights are now bringing a class action lawsuit against the NYPD. According to Gothamist the crackdown on cyclists by the police is riddled with false charges to the point where the cops aren’t even sure of the laws they claim the bikers are breaking.

Gothamist article:

NYPD’s Cyclist Ticket Blitz Booms, Class Action Lawsuit Looms
By John Del Signore on May 25, 2011


(photo by: Adrian Kinkoch)

The NYPD’s citywide cyclist ticket blitz has yielded a record-breaking number of summonses so far this year, according to a report in the Post. The NYPD has issued 13,843 tickets to cyclists in 2011, up from 9,345 tickets written over the same period in 2010, and 3,708 for the same period of 2009. The tickets are for such offenses as running red lights, running stop signs, biking on sidewalks, speeding, not wearing a helmet, and hanging tote bags on their handlebars. Fun fact: only some of those things are actually violations in NYC! And that’s why a group of cyclists are suing.

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  • Robbie

    Assemblyman Michael DenDekker against the few things in life that are free, riding bikes. He wants us to register our bikes, so we can get stop by police anytime. He is up for election in 2013, we can solve this problem and get his ass out of office. All lovers of free rides lets post a count down to get Michael DenDekker out of office.