Forking Tasty-Bike in Theater

Jason Anello and his brother, Anthony

are Forking Tasty about food. They write about it on their blog and just maybe they have a thing or too about bikes. Join their email list and find out the location of their upcoming Bike-In-Theater.

From the site:

“Of course, we like a little mystery so we have to keep the location, day and time undisclosed at the moment. That’s what the list below is all about. Once you sign up, we will send you a note with some specifics on the Ride-In. A day before show time we will send those who signed up information on where to go and when to arrive. A few things you can expect; lots of bikers, an old school hit movie and some delicious snacks. It wouldn’t be Forking Tasty if we didn’t provide some delectable morsels to munch on.”

Find out more here.

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