Lawyers speak out on NYPD crackdown

Here is a letter by lawyers Gideon Oliver, David B. Rankin and Steve Vaccaro on the current worsening situation between the NYPD and NYC cyclists. This is also an excellent timeline of the recent history of legal affairs and the crackdown on the biking community.

NYPD’s Ongoing Bicycle Crackdown
by Gideon Orion Oliver, David B. Rankin, and Steve Vaccaro

This is an overview of New York City bicycle laws and the manner in which the New York City Police Department (NYPD) has enforced those laws over time. These materials are for information only and cannot substitute for the advice of a knowledgeable lawyer familiar with the circumstances of a particular case. The authors have extensively litigated NYPD misconduct for issuing “bad tickets” to cyclists, and are available for an initial free consultation.

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