NYPD, crackdown on Crack

So it seems the NYPD are in such a rush to ticket bike riders, they haven’t bothered to look at the laws. got a hold of cheat sheet given to officers.

More on this from Gothamist:

The NYPD’s escalating crackdown on cyclists, “Operation Safe Cycle,” has resulted in a spike in frivolous tickets for such non-violations as riding a bike with a tote bag on the handlebars and not wearing a helmet. It’s obvious the average cop on the beat has no clue what’s illegal and what isn’t, but they’ve been ordered to target cyclists, so that’s what they’ll do. And to help them fill their quotas, NYPD higher-ups distributed this “cheat sheet” [pdf] informing—or, we should say, misinforming—cops about the biking rules. Streetsblog got their hot little hands on it.

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