Ride the Rainbow

Watermelon, orange and other flavors don’t just melt in your mouth, they also adorn your fixed gear or at least that’s the hope of Citrus Cycles owner, Michael Fox.

From the site:
Citrus Cycles is a stunning new take on ordinary bikes. Rather than stick to the bland, single color with “spiffy” racing stripe, we introduce a whole new taste of style. Bikes fashioned as fruit. From your favorite fruit to the most exotic around, we offer what no one else can. An amazing new style, mouth watering colors, and a blend of realism is what separates Citrus Cycles from the rest. With a bike that looks this good, everyone who sees you on it will want a taste.

Any given Citrus Cycle is both a fixed gear and a single-speed bicycle leaving the choice of riding style up to you. The single-speed option gives the rider the ability to coast while fixed gear riding connects you and the bicycle, if the rear wheel is turning the pedals are turning. A simple flip of the rear wheel will completely change your riding experience. Our quality parts and smooth aesthetics will ensure each ride on a Citrus Cycle to be just as sweet and comfortable as the very first.


3 comments to Ride the Rainbow

  • n

    That’s brilliant!! Why didn’t fixed riders ever think of building colorful bikes until now!?!? ugh…..

  • The link in the article has an extra quotation in it for some reason, so it isn’t working. Check out for more info.

  • Carol

    The detail on the bikes is amazing. It isn’t just a colorful bike, it is a piece of art. The bikes are one of a kind and for any bike lover it is definetly worth getting more informatoin about. Check out