Another Stolen bike-Black Raleigh

Johnny asked me if I could post this:

It happened between the hours of 7:30AM-9:30AM this morning (6/6/11) right outside my apartment in Fort Greene. I’m on Cumberland between DeKalb and Lafayette. It was a black single speed Raleigh One Way. I’d had European style handlebars out on the bike. The ID was U72U19535. I have just called the cops and they are coming now so I can file a report. I bought the bike on FRIDAY. It was locked to the fence in front of the brownstone I live at with a U-Lock and the wire it came with.

Any information contact:

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  • cr

    Not to pick on Johnny, but I seriously hope he understands why this bike was an easy target for a bike thief.

    My money would be on scrap-metalists, or somebody with a van. They cut that cable like it was cream cheese, threw the bike in the back of a van, and will remove the Ulock at their leisure.

  • Todd Whitney


    I agree, if Johnny had his bike locked like this, it is no wonder. A cable doesn’t not stop anyone from stealing your bike. I always tell people to upgrade, pay the money and carry the heavy lock. It really is the only way to DETER, nothing keeps our bikes completely safe.

    It a shame, but it is the world that we live in.

  • Krupp

    Lock the U Lock to the post not the cable to the post. So easy to cut.