Casey Neistat, not riding in the bike lane.

Great video from Casey Neistat about getting a ticket for: “not riding in the bike lane.”

4 comments to Casey Neistat, not riding in the bike lane.

  • What a stupid man. how he is riding?

  • Gorilla

    I thought this guy was my hero… for a bit… til I saw him riding the wrong way down Lafayette street today… on his cellphone.

  • mikethedieselbike

    casey, you beat me to it. i bought a gopro hero vid camera to illustrate this same point but you did it first. some stupid bitch cop on horseback stopped me at columbus circle for riding outside the bike lane. i pointed to the fact that in the next two visible blocks there were cabs, pedicabs, and pedestrians all over the “bike” lane and she had nothing to say except i was still only supposed to be in the “bike” lane, but did nothing about the intruders to said lane who were not riding bikes. fuck the bike lanes as they are useless, unrealistic and unsafe.

  • JoeJohn

    Self-righteousness is awesome. 1:33 Casey runs a red light.