CMWC2011-Warsaw Poland

Forget that silly race in France. The really battle of cycling supremacy is the annual Cycle Messenger World Championships. This year it’s being held in Warsaw Poland from July 27th-31st.

Promo video:

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The site provides a nice list of host cities past:

“1993 Berlin, DE
1994 London, UK
1995 Toronto, CA
1996 San Francisco, US
1997 Barcelona, ES
1998 Washington D.C., US
1999 Zurich, CH
2000 Philadelphia, US
2001 Budapest, HU
2002 Copenhagen, DK
2003 Seattle, US
2004 Edmonton, CA
2005 New York City, US
2006 Sidney, AU
2007 Dublin, IE
2008 Toronto, CA
2009 Tokyo, JP
2010 Panajachel, GT”

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