my newest sponsor: Bike Werx

I wanted to introduce everyone to my newest sponsor.

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Owner Val of BikeWerx, has started a new direction in bike sales offering a complete service to fellow cyclists who are interested in selling their bikes, parts and other accessories.
Val has been involved in the bike scene in Miami for many years watching it blossom into a vibrant bike culture despite the spread out flat terrain and automobile dominance that spans the region (State) He has followed along closely with the work of Rydel Deed and his site, hosting great biking events like critical Mass.

Val witnessed a real turnover rate of his roadie friends of their bikes and the need to have quality service and a guide to selling ones trusted stead.
He took his vast experience in bike sales and opened a shop in Coral Gables, Florida:

Bike Werx
4105 Laguna St.
Coral Gables, FL. 33146

Now he works closely with his costumers in the retail space but one of his companies main goals is to be able to sell used bikes at top value. For example, let’s say your dual suspension mountain bike, you bought in the late 90’s, is gathering way too much dust and besides you’re more of commuter now. Sure you could sell this bike on ebay, but maybe you have no idea what the current value is or if anyone is even interested in an off road beast like that. This is where Val’s bikewerx comes in. They will work closely with you to come up with the proper price and sell the bike in the appropriate market, weather it be ebay, craigslist or around town. They’re goal is to personalize the used sales experience, make shipping easy and then offer their customers the best price, or use credit to get a new bike or equal trade in that more caters to what direction the cyclists is moving. Often times his customers start with an entry level road bike and then want to move into something more competitive or maybe go the other way and settle into a nice beach cruiser.

Here is a quote from bikewerks first blog posting, back in March 2011:

“Bike Werx launched on the idea that cycling enthusiasts need an option to cash in on unused or unwanted cycling gear without the hassle of creating and maintaining online listings, photographing items,paying auction fees, haggling with sketchy “buyers” over the internet, or dealing with bike shops and exorbitant consignment fees. The pro staff at Bike Werx has extensive buying and selling experience in the industry, and we’re confident we can get you top dollar for your gear”

I had a great conversation with the owner and was very delighted to offer a modest trade for some advertising. (see the top spot on my ad column)
So if your in the Miami area check out the store and if your looking to sell a used bike…this is the place for you.

Find out more about how it works, here.

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