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Just wanted to introduce a new sustainable transportation blog coming out of Chicago, created by urban planner, Steve Vance and Author John Greenfield.

Check out:

It’s loosely modeled after Streetsblog.

A description of their site:

“Grid is an outlet for news, commentary, and photography about sustainable transportation-related events, projects, and ideas. Grid is a platform for critical analysis and thought, and will take a stand on issues important in pursuing progressive and sustainable transportation – transportation that is efficient or uses clean or no energy. Additionally, Grid will help advance the culture of sustainable transportation modes, like walking, biking, and taking transit, with articles that explore the fun and livelier side of sustainable transportation. This may include pieces about trips and travel in Chicagoland and the Midwest, or interviews with locals about how they share bicycling with their peers.”

They recently posted a great interview with Messenger legend, Augie Montes who discusses the upcoming 2012 Cycle Messenger World Championships, (CMWC) in Chicago. (This year it’s being hosted in Warsaw, Poland–

Augie Montes on plans for 2012 messenger championships in Chicago
By John Greenfield On June 23, 2011 ·
(photo by Christopher Dilts Article also appears in momentum magazine.)

“Every year hundreds of bike couriers from around the globe descend on a different city for the Cycle Messenger World Championships, with races, arts events and parties celebrating one of the toughest, most enjoyable jobs around. This year the 19th annual worlds take place in Warsaw on July 27-31; next year Chicago does the honors.

Augie Montes, an eleven-year veteran of the delivery biz who spearheaded the 2008 North American Cycle Courier Championships (NACCC) in Chicago, talked with me about the recent championships in Tokyo and Panajachel, Guatemala, and filled us in on the Windy City’s plans for hosting the worlds in 2012.

What’s the purpose of the messenger championships?

It’s a chance for folks from all over the world who do the same job to meet each other, hang out and celebrate the fact that it’s a fun and unique job due to the culture that’s built up around it.

What countries have you gone to for messenger championships?

I’ve been to a bunch of the NACCCs but the only time I got to leave the country for a world championship was Tokyo in 2009. I always work too much [as an owner-rider at Four Star, a Chicago courier collective] to make it to the other ones.

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