Short Skirt ride


Did everbody see this? The latest in the NYPD embarassing harassment of bike riders.

Jasmijn Rijcken, the general manager of VANMOOF bicycles in Amsterdam was in town at the end of April to attend the New Amsterdam bicycle show in NYC. The NYPD welcomed her to our fair city by almost writing her a ticket for, get this: “riding with too short a skirt.” The police said it was a distraction to motorists. Read more by Noah Kazis from

Liz Patek, of the NYC freedom cyclists facebook group has put a call out for:

“Short Skirt Celebration Ride/Love the Broadway Bike”.

4 comments to Short Skirt ride

  • 1. If I get stopped for this, because I bike in skirts so often, it will quickly turn into my first Civil Disobedience arrest.

    2. Learning her occupation makes me understand why she has such a freaking cute & cool bicycle!

  • HRC

    I for one agree with these ladies that this is absolutely outrageous. I totally support them protesting this ridiculous NYPD behavior.

    Note though, to those that are also supporting them —please do not drive near the route of the “celebration ride” because i don’t want you to get distracted, and swerve onto the sidewalk and run my ass over.

  • I also agree with the opinion of the police, if women wear thus short skirt I believe she will distraction to motorists. But if you insist to wear a short skirt you can wear a culotte.

  • RSVP to The Official New York City “Skirts On Bikes!” Ride – Celebrating Freedom and Fashion on 6/30!