Stolen Bike-56cm red IRO.

I was asked to post this recent theft.

My name is Tristan Jones and my bike was stolen last night (6 across the street from Cake Shop (on Ludlow street between Stanton and Rivington in the LES). The bike and wheel were locked with a u-lock to a horizontal scaffolding bar, which the thieves unbolted and slid the u-lock off of, sometime between the hours of 7:30pm and 9:00pm.

I built the bike myself on an IRO frame I purchased at Continuum Cycles.
It’s a 56cm IRO track frame with a custom red glitter paint job, so is unmarked. It has white swobo riser bars, FSA cranks, a red sugino messenger chain ring, red holdfast straps, cane creek tank-II headset, maxxis refuses, and tektro front brake calipers. I forget the wheelset, but the front wheel is silver, and the rear is black. I think they might be Velocities.

Big thanks for all your help. Hope to have good news to report on this soon.

Tristan Jones
Any information contact:

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  • This is really tragic, and we hope that you get your bike back. Bike thefts are all too common in New York City, and it’s horrible to hinder one’s ability to commute to work and travel in an environmentally-conscious manner.