Stolen bike alert-Nishiki road bike, Williamsburg. Help

Just got this from Julie Buchik


I wanted to let you know about a stolen bike. My Nishiki Prestige road bike was taken from the lobby of my apartment building at South 2nd and Union St in Williamsburg. (6/1/11) It was U-locked to a pipe (as you can see in one of the photos). It is purple, the frame is scratched up and it has some stickers: Affinity (the “A”), Monster Trak, and Regulators. It’s a 10 speed road bike with all old parts including a shimano derailleur. The last time I saw it was two nights ago when that photo was taken. Estimated time of theft is between day of June 1st and evening of June 2nd. The other pic of it is from 2 years ago when it was new-ish but you get a really good idea of what it looks like there.

Please let me know if you are able to post this. My name is Julie Buchik, (917) 945-7733,


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