Skillshare-long bike trip

Just saw this on brooklynbybike’s @brooklynbybike twitter feed.

There is a new blog dedicated to skill sharing events in Brooklyn.

Learn cool things like how to home brew in your kitchen.

Here’s one about planning a multiple-day bike trip:

“New Mini Skills Class: How to plan for and enjoy a multi-day bike trip (and why they are awesome)

Teachers: Joel Martin & David Little

Description: Come listen to two seasoned veterans of vagabonding abroad by bike talk about their past trips, why they like it, why other people would like it, equipment you need, skills, planning, and what to expect!

When: Saturday, July 23rd from 12-2pm

Where: LaunchPad in Crown Heights (721 Franklin Ave)

Cost: FREE!


(photo by Joel Martin)

Good timing too because today, bike traveler Bruce Weber wrote an article about finding the perfect bike for a long ride.

Life Is a Wheel: The Story of the Bike
By Bruce Weber
July 14, 2011
InTransit Blog/NY Times


Photo: Paskova for The New York Times
Bruce Weber tests his Independent Fabrication bike at the NYC Velo shop in Manhattan.

“A bicyclist not in possession of his bicycle is at sixes and sevens. Mine, after only about 65 miles of test driving here in New York City, is now winging its way, via FedEx, to Portland, Ore., where I’ll pick it up on Monday for the trip home. (Cost of shipping: $180.) In the meantime, like any bereft parent missing a child, I can tell you about it. (You can read about my previous cross-country bike ride, and why I am going to cycle across the country again, in my recent story in the Travel section.)

Read more: here.

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