Cycle me home-to Budapest


Meet Neza, she’s biking across Europe from Spain to Hungary with a group of friends in 38 days. A documentary crew is following along.

Here is more about Neza:

“Let us introduce to you NEZA, a supercool girl who joins us in Ljubljana! Here are some facts about her:

-Where do you come from, where do you join, what do you do, study, work, whats your hobby?
-I am Neza, and I am from Slovenia (Ljubljana). Finishing my degree in Graphic and Interactive communications. I also own a small “company”, called Embrace Softgoods.

-Since when do you ride the bike?
-I ride a fixed gear bike for about 8 months now, it’s a Csepel Royal, and I hate to ride it in single speed mode, so it’s always on a fixed side. I also have a race bike, which I use daily for a training, so fixie is only for a city ride.

-Why did you decide to join?
-It’s going to be a physical as well as psychological challenge for me, although I join the team only at their last stage of the travel in Ljubljana in their last 450km. I wish and I know it’s going to be a great experience!

Find out more about this cycling excursion and keep track of the groups progress at:

Here is more from one of the riders:

“Hey there,

Levi, after his Erasmus in Madrid decided to return to Budapest by bicycle. Of course, he does not ride alone. Adam, his classmate from Madrid is riding with him all the way to Hungary. He is also followed by a film crew, making a road trip – documentary – about their adventures.

Cycle Me Home – From Barcelona to Marseille from Cycle Me Home on Vimeo.

In the 38 days many things can happen, that’s why we are uploading videos of each days’ happenings. On the way home, we would like to meet people from all Europe, inspiring them to join the trip, even if it’s only for some kilometers.

You can find more info on our facebook page:”

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