Dmitry Gudkov interview, Turnstyle

You probably know Dmitry Gudkov by now from his amazing photographic portrayal of the NYC bike community, through twitter (@gudphoto) or on his #bikenyc site.


For those who don’t, check out this interview in Turnstyle news.

Dmitry Gudkov: Creator Of #BikeNYC Features Cyclists From All Walks Of Life

“According to the Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, only .6 percent of New Yorkers ride their bikes to work. Even so, Dmitry Gudkov, freelance photographer in Brooklyn, makes it clear on his blog #BikeNYC that New York cyclists have a wacky, colorful, and bold way of taking over the Big Apple. The site started in February 2010, and the name refers to the Twitter hashtag that allows people to share and discuss information related to biking in NYC. Check out Turnstyle’s interview with Gudkov, and some of his bike portraits below.

Turnstyle: Where did the idea for the photo project come from?

Dmitry Gudkov: A couple of years ago I started riding a bike in New York and fell in love with the freedom of it. It’s a really great way to get around and really opens up the city. I didn’t have that many friends who rode, so I became curious about the other cyclists I’d see during my commute. I’d been kicking around the idea of doing a personal photography project, and suddenly had this idea of a portrait series of New York cyclists. I wanted the portraits to be very simple and direct – just the person, their bike, and the city. I also decided to write a short profile of each subject to show their experience of riding in the city.”

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