Heading to LA

So I’m heading to LA for a long needed family vacation. Just in time to watch it meltdown.

The big news is the closing of the 405 freeway this weekend for construction. This is being affectionately labeled as “Carmageddon!” Major news outlets are treating this like surviving a major disaster. Take this headline for example from CNN:

With L.A. 405 closure, it’s all about surviving ‘Carmageddon’


You’d think this would be a golden opportunity for a car obsessed population to think about the way they get around and why they sit in 3 hours of traffic with 6 lanes in each direction on major freeways.

Instead we have Jet Blue airlines offering flights for
$4.00 between Burbank and LAX airports.
How lazy can you get? Do you get a free snuggle with it?

Meanwhile the fixed gear squad, wolfpack hustle, thinks you can get around by bike, much faster.


Read more here.

Meanwhile the LA bicycle coalition knows best and is hosting group bike rides all weekend.

Check out there events page.

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